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Alaska Airlines Baggage Policy | +1(786)-292-7096

Alaska Airlines Baggage Policy

Alaska Airlines is one of the preferred airlines by the passengers. Due to its flexible policy passengers prefer to book their airline with Alaska Airlines. 

Alaska Airlines is one of the top-rated airlines situated in the United States. Alaska Airlines is not only famous for its low-cost tickets but also the services provided by Alaska Airlines are undeniable.

 Before booking a flight with any airlines customers must go through the policies of the airline such as baggage policy, check-in policy, reservation, flight cancellation policy, refund policy and other policies of Alaska Airlines. Alaska Airlines baggage policy is simple and the most reliable compared to the other airline

Alaska Airlines Baggage Policy | +1(786)-292-7096

Alaska Airlines baggage policy is just meant as per the suitability of the customer, as for Alaska Airlines customer satisfaction with our services is all we are looking for and working hard to provide all the facilities that the passenger wants. 

Before making and further decision customer should go through the Alaska Airlines baggage policy as it plays an important role when the customer is planning for a vacation. 

As some passengers are heavy packers and pack lots of stuff at the time of travelling but due to the policy of the airlines, they have to drop the stuff that they are looking forward to carrying. So, here are some points to be considered by the passenger as per the Alaska Airlines baggage policy.

Alaska Airlines Carry-On Baggage Policy

  • Alaska Airlines enables its passengers 1 carry-on baggage and one personal item which can be a purse, laptop bag, etc., for free means the passenger can carry these items without paying any extra charges.
  • As per the Alaska Airlines baggage policy the bag that the customer is carrying must fit in the overhead storage or under the seat in front of the passenger.
  • Carry-on allowance does not include duty-free items, jackets, walkers, child restraint seats, umbrellas and such items.
  • Diaper bags will be considered as one of the personal belongings.
  • Passengers’ carry-on luggage or bag must on exceed the dimension (22 x 14 x 9) in inches. Or 115 centimetres (61 x 43 x 25) which includes wheels and handles, according to Alaska Airlines baggage policy.

Alaska Airlines Baggage Fees

Passengers are advised that at the time of booking their flight they must check the baggage fees and the policies, it will clarify how much baggage will be allowed to be carried by the passenger but also how must the airlines will cost you if in case the passenger exceeds the baggage allowance limit.

Depending on the ticket purchased by the passenger, Alaska Airlines allows you the bags accordingly but one carry-on bag is free of charge with every ticket you purchase.

As per the Alaska Airlines baggage policy, the passenger will be charged $30 for the first extra bag, $40 for the second and $100 for the third bag you carry.

Passengers who can avoid extra baggage charges:

  • The first extra carry-on bag will be free for the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature credit cardholder passengers.
  • First class ticket holder passengers are entitled to carry the first and second extra bag for free.
  • Military members who are on active duty can carry up to 5 free check bags.
  • The first and the second carry-on bags are complimentary for the Elite-level Mileage plan member of Alaska Airlines. 

If the passenger has any query not only related to Alaska Airlines baggage policy, but also with other policies and the services that Alaska Airlines provides, the passenger can contact freely at Alaska Airlines phone number which is +1(786)-292-7096 and get solution to all your queries, in no time.

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