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Many of the passengers get confused or get stuck what basically the future credit is?  Alaska airlines future credit is basically s unused money, that are been generated when the passenger cancels their flight whose tickets are non-refundable and that cancelled flight amount has been transferred to the passenger’s future wallet account of Alaska Airlines. 

The Alaska Airlines future credit amount is valid for 365 days from the date of the initial booking in the future wallet of the passenger. Alternatively, the passenger has up o 30 days from the date of cancellation, whichever comes later vice-versa.

Alaska Airlines Future Credit Policy

Alaska Airlines has its own credit policy, that the passenger should be familiar with if they are thinking to book their flight with Alaska Airlines. Here are some points that must be considered:

  • Alaska Airlines future credit policy states that, if the customers cancel their ticket which is non-refundable, then the amount of the ticket will be deposited to their future wallet account.
  • Alaska Airlines sends the credit certificated if they cancel a non-refundable ticket to their registered email address.
  • Alaska Airlines states that a fee of $125 will be charged to the passenger for providing a credit certificate.
  • Alaska Airlines future credit amount can be used by the passenger for booking their next flight and can be used for any ad-on service before the expiree.
  • Alaska Airlines states that a single credit certificate will be provided by the airline if the flight has been cancelled which is booked with several credit certificates.
  • Alaska Airlines future credit amount can not be refunded for cash or any type of gift card and the passengers are only allowed to use up to 4 credit certificates per reservation.
  • Passengers can use the future wallet amount up to one year i.e., 365 days, from the date of booking or until they expire within 30 days of the flight cancellation, accordingly or whichever will be preferable.
  • Alaska Airlines states that if the passenger is booking a new flight with a future credit amount and the amount is insufficient to book the next flight then the passenger has to pay the balance by using another method of payment.
  • As per the Alaska Airlines future credit policy, the future wallet amount cannot be transferred to another person. If such behaviour is discovered, then the rights of the passengers will be discarded.
  • Future credit amount can be used by the passenger to book their flight with the partner airline of Alaska Airlines, but this can only be used to buy tickets, extra services can be brought with future wallet amount.

Therefore, all the points mentioned above about Alaska Airlines’ future credit policy considering the credit certificate such as how to acquire and use them, for booking a flight in future. 

Still, the passenger is facing any problem or has a query related to travel credit of the Alaska Airlines policies, passengers can easily reach out to Alaska Airlines customer care number +1(786)-292-7096.

How to utilize Alaska Airlines Credit Certificate?

Still, you haven’t utilized your future credit amount, then the passenger can use the credit certificate to improve their experience with Alaska Airlines. Before proceeding further, it is important to understand how to use the Alaska Airlines credit certificate. 

  • Call Alaska Airlines customer care number +1(786)-292-7096.
  • Tell the agent you want to utilize your credit certificate, certain information would be asked by the agent to proceed further, after completing the process proceeds to the payment mode.
  • The certificate is placed in the wallet of the passenger.
  • The passenger will receive the pin and code for the credit certificate. Once the process will be completed, the passenger will be able to see the due date on their account.

For further detail contact Alaska Airlines phone number +1(786)-292-7096 our customer care agent will guide you further.

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