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Azores SATA Airlines Pet Policy | +1 (786) 292-5053

Azores SATA Airlines Pet Policy

Azores Airlines, previously known as SATA Internacional is a Portuguese airline based in the municipality of Ponta Delgada, on the island of São Miguel in the autonomous archipelago of the Azores. The azores sata airlines pet policy team can be reached at – +1 (786) 292-5053.

The airline was first established in March 1990 under the name of OceanAir and in 1995 was authorized to operate air transport services as a non-scheduled carrier.

the Azores SATA Airlines Pet Policy allows pets to be transported in the cabin and in the cargo deck of an aircraft. some domesticated pets are allowed to travel on Azores Airlines flights. However, creatures like farm animals, reptiles, and certain breeds of dogs are not allowed on their flights. The azores sata airlines pet policy team can be reached at – +1 (786) 292-5053.


pets that are pregnant or the ones who are breastfeeding or who are less than 8 weeks are not allowed to travel on flights. and maximum only 2 animals per container are allowed. for any queries contact Azores SATA Airlines Pet Policy.

Azores SATA Airlines Pet Policy | +1 (786) 292-5053

 Azores SATA Airlines Pet Policy may refuse to board your pet as cargo hold and checked baggage if the runway temperature is above 29C degrees at the departure airport. and if when if the weather is very cold with a runway temperature of 7C degrees at the time of departure.

SATA Air Azores may transport your pet in the cargo deck of the aircraft according to its regulation if your pet is large to fit under the seat if the animal is not a dog or cat. only one pet per container is allowed. and The maximum dimensions of the container are 55 x 40 x 20 cm.

Azores SATA Airlines Pet Policy only allows containers that are sturdy materials such as rigid plastic, metal, solid wood, or plywood. and Enough food and water need to be placed inside the container. The containers have proper ventilation so that there is adequate air circulation for the pets to travel comfortably and safely. The azores sata airlines pet policy team can be reached at – +1 (786) 292-5053. Read more at – Azores Sata Airlines Pet Policy.

pets are allowed in the passenger cabin if the weight of the animal or container does not exceed 8 kg. and pets can travel in the passenger cabin in a caged kennel or waterproof bag. Passengers can easily book an airline reservation for their pet with Azores SATA Airlines but firstly passengers need to understand Azores SATA Airlines Pet Policy.

many Airlines require a health certificate that indicates that the pet is healthy enough for travel and properly vaccinated whenever traveling in the cargo section of the aircraft. also, there is a limit to the number of animals that are allowed to travel in the cabin on a single flight. and you can’t remove your dog or cat from the container during the flight for safety.

Pet traveling in the cabin will be charged 6EUR / Kg and pets traveling in the cargo hold are included in the baggage allowance. for excess baggage, the charges will be 6EUR / Kg per Kg and for Weight between 33kg and 45kg,70EUR per kg will be charged.

Animals that are not permitted to travel as checked baggage are sheep, pigs, rabbits, chickens, ducks, goats, and pigeons, reptiles. SATA welcomes certified, emotional support dogs and professionally trained service animals that are transported in the aircraft cabin or in the cargo hold.

Animals that are too large or restricted to travel as checked baggage may be transported through Sata Cargo. for more details contact Azores SATA Airlines Pet Policy. The azores sata airlines pet policy team can be reached at – +1 (786) 292-5053.

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