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Southwest Airlines Pet Policy | +1(786)-249-7783

Southwest Airlines Pet Policy

Southwest Airlines is not only famous for providing low-cost flights but also has an amazing and simple policy that customers can easily rely on and one of them is Southwest Airlines pet policy. Southwest Airlines states that the passenger can carry small domestic pets along with them inside the cabin. 

As per Southwest Airlines pet policy, the pet must be vaccinated. As per the rules of Southwest Airlines the pets must be kept under the seat that will be in front of the passenger and the pet must be carried in the carrier. On international flights, pets are not carried in the cabin.

As there are only a few numbers of seats are available for pets, so Southwest Airlines follows the policy of first-come, first served. Passengers should book a flight as soon as possible or at that point in time when they are thinking to plan a trip just to ensure a guaranteed seat for their pets.

Southwest Airlines pet policy states, that the pets must be check-in at the airport’s check-in counter or the check-in process can be completed at the airport’s kiosk or the Southwest Airlines ticket counter.

Only those pets will be allowed to travel in the cabin of Southwest Airlines, who are healthy and will behave well. Pets will show the behaviour that has been listed below will not be allowed to travel with Southwest Airlines.

  • Barking, jumping up and biting, this behaviour of your pet will be considered aggressive behaviour.
  • Pets who are excessive scraping and shouting.
  • Urinating at the airport, cabin or near the gate.

Southwest Airlines Pet Seat Booking

If the passenger wants to travel along with their pet and wants to secure a seat for them on a Southwest Airline, then call Southwest Airlines phone number which is +1(786)-249-7783 To book a flight for your pet. 

As only a limited number of seats are available for pets, so Southwest Airlines don’t guarantee seats for pets. Southwest Airlines has the policy of first-come, first-served, customers, are advised to book a seat for their pet as soon as possible. 

Southwest Airlines pet policy states that the fee for the pet reservation will be collected at the airline’s ticket counter or kiosk and the cost is non-refundable. Though the fee will be transferred to the Southwest Airlines future credit account. 

Passengers travelling along with their pets must check-in at the airport, after completing the check-in procedure pets will be allowed to onboard the flight.

Southwest Airlines Pet Policy | +1(786)-249-7783

Customers are advised to book their flight ticket through Southwest Airlines phone number +1(786)-249-7783 Or at the airport’s booking cabin. 

Pets are not allowed to travel with their owners according to Southwest Airlines pet policy. Passengers can simply dial a Southwest Airlines phone number for the booking and if have any other queries about the pet policy of the airline that can also be solved instantly.

Restrictions for Pets

  • Pets are not allowed to travel without their owner.
  • Pets are not allowed to be carried with an unaccompanied minor.
  • As per the Southwest Airlines pet policy, pets are not allowed to travel on international flights.
  • Passengers along with pets are not allowed to sit in any exit row or use the under-seat storage.
  • Southwest Airlines pet policy states that only 6 pets per flight will be allowed.
  • Southwest Airlines states that the pet must be at least 8 weeks old if travelling with the airline.
  • Pets should not be dangerous or irritating in any way.
  • Throughout the journey the carrier will be under the passenger’s seat and must have a secure carrier with locks.
  • In case of emergency, no oxygen mask will be available for the pets.

Still have queries regarding Southwest Airlines pet policy feel free to call our customer care number +1(786)-249-7783, our staff is available at your service 24/7.

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