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Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy | +1(786)-279-8006

Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy

Spirit Airlines is well known airlines in the United States, Spirit Airlines is well known for offering a low cost flights at a lost costs rates. With its enormous network across the United States, South America, Mexico and the Caribbean Spirit Airlines is the most Convenient airlines for many travellers. Spirit Airlines main aim is to provide their passenger a best airline experience. 

Its no surprise that by booking a airline reservation with Spirit Airlines allows passenger to visit their favourite destinations by spending less money, Spirit Airlines offers passenger a low cost flight fares so that there passenger travel to their favourite destination without thinking twice. 

If passenger going to fly with Spirit Airlines in the near future, It is crucial for every passenger to understand Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy and the fees so that they do not overspend. 

It should be noted that Spirit Airlines tickets do not include luggage expenses and have their own pricing system. In actuality, the luggage fees start to climb as the departure date approaches.

Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy | +1(786)-279-8006

Knowing Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy restrictions and policies ahead of time will help passenger to stay with their budget when booking an airlines reservation with Spirit Airlines.

Carry-on baggage allowance and surcharges on Spirit Airlines:

When booking an reservation with bare fare option, Spirit Airlines gives one complimentary personal items. When booking an airline reservation, passengers must pay between $28 and $37, or between $36 and $45 if they wait until check-in. 

When you wait until you reach to the airport reservation counter or the gate to pay, the airline may charge you a premium of $55 to $65.

Passenger personal item as carry on must nit exceed 18*14*8, while regular carry on items should not exceed 22*18*10 per item. For those passenger who was travelling with a baby, spirit airlines makes an exception. 

Strollers and double strollers, however, must be checked in prior to flight departure as per Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy | +1(786)-279-8006.

Allowances and fees for checked baggage on Spirit Airlines :

Spirit Airlines allows passenger checked luggage to weigh up to 40 pounds and have a total dimension of no more than 62 linear inches. Checked luggage are not charged at a set fee by the airline. When you book your airline tickets online, you will be charged the following luggage fee:

As per Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy cost of first checked bag ranges from $23 to $32. (depending on weight) From $33 to $42.  for a second checked bag

  • From $78 to $87 for third to fifth checked luggage.

Passenger have to keep in mind that if they wait until check-in, they have to pay more from their checked luggage. The cost of the first luggage till check-in might rise to between $33 and $42. 

Similarly if passenger wait until they get at the airport or gate to check-in, passenger will be charged between $52 and $65 for only checked bag according to Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy.

Traveller also keep in mind that depending upon their location, there may be a restrictions on the number of luggage that can be checked in.

Spirit Airlines Overweight Baggage Fees.

When it comes to bring overweight baggage, Spirit Airlines has a served guidelines. Spirit Airlines will charge passenger a particular cost based on  their overweight or large luggage. For baggage weight 41 to 50 pounds spirit airlines will charge a fees $30 overweight tax.

 For a suitecase weight more than 51 to 70 pounds, passenger have to pay approximately $55 in overweight cost as per Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy. 

To know more about Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy passenger can call Spirit Airlines Phone Number and talk live with one of Spirit Airlines Agent and get all information regarding Spirit Airlines.

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