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United Airlines Pet Policy | +1(786)-292-5559

United Airlines Pet Policy

United Airlines an american based low cost carrier airlines with having a main headquarter in Chicago. United Airlines has a wide domestic as well as international routes network and also United Airlines offers Pet Policy to its pet loving passenger. 

Make United Airlines bookings if you are a pet lover who wants to travel with your pets. You will see your pets flying with you on United Airlines flights. On some flights, United allows just specific types of pets in the main cabin. Pet travel policies differ from country to country. 

If you want to book a United Airlines pet flight, we’ll show you how to get your pets on the plane. United Airlines Pet Policy allows its passenger to travel with their beloved pets with their favourite destinations. 

United Airlines offers best Pet policy to all their passenger so that their passenger can travel with their pets to their favourite destinations. Passenger must be fully aware of all the rules and regulations that was given in United Airlines Pet Policy in order to travel with their pet at their favourite Destinations. 

United Airlines make it pet policy in that way that passenger wont face any trouble to travel with their pet with United Airlines.

United Airlines Pet Policy | +1(786)-292-5559

United Airlines is the preferred mode of transportation for pets.

Pets allowed in carry-on luggage: Pets that are tiny enough to fit beneath the seat in front of you will be allowed to ride in the passenger cabin with you. It will be treated as a carry-on item. You’ll still be able to bring one personal item and a carry-on pet with you. 

The size of your personal item is determined on the service flight and the destination. To know more about United Airlines Pet Policy passenger can call United Airlines Phone Number +1(786)-292-5559.

Checked pets: If your pet is too big to fit in the cabin, you can check them as luggage in the pressurized and temperature-controlled regions of the plane. 

Checked pets are currently not permitted on United flights. Military personnel, on the other hand, are permitted to keep checked pets.

United Airlines Cargo: If a pet’s size prevents it from fitting as a carry-on or checked bag, it will be shipped via United Airlines Cargo. 

To know more about United Airlines Pet Policy call United Airlines customer care number +1(786)-292-5559 and talk live with customer care representative.

United Airlines In-Cabin Pet Policy

Only United Airlines offers its passenger in-cabin pet policy so that passenger can travel with their pet in cabin. But there is certain rules and restriction that passenger must have to follow in order to travel with their pet in cabin. . 

If Passenger journey includes flights on numerous carriers, Passenger must check each one separately. Each airline has its own pet policy.

United Airlines only accepts domestic pets including dogs, cats, small house birds, and rabbits. All continental and United States planes accept these pets; however, Hawaii does not allow in-cabin pet travel. 

A health certificate for pets, as well as a rabies vaccination, must be obtained at least 30 days prior to the flying date. Passenger will get every information regarding United Airlines Pet Policy by just dialling United Airlines Phone Number +1(786)-292-5559.

United Airlines Pet Age and Pet Carrier

Age of the pet: To travel within the United States and Puerto Rico, pets must be at least 8 weeks old.

Pet carrier dimensions: The pet carrier or kennel should be large enough for the pet to roam around freely within. It needs to be well ventilated and watertight. 

Ensure that your kennel has received airline approval. In the cabin, United Airlines accepts both hard-sided and soft-sided kennels. The hard-sided kennel should be no more than 44 cm long, 30 cm broad, and 19 cm tall. 

A soft-sided kennel must not exceed 46cm in length, 28cm in width, and 28cm in height as per United Airlines Pet Policy.

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