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Westjet Airlines Customer Care | +1 (786) 292-5053

Westjet Airlines Customer Care

The westjet airlines is an canadian airline which have more than 90+ destinations all around the world. The destinations includes – Mexico, USA, Central America, Canada Domestically and other parts of the world. The westjet airlines customer care team can be reached at – +1 (786) 292-5053.


The westjet airlines has been established in 1996 with an aim to provide affordable and low cost airline tickets to its passengers. It has more than 425 flights which carries 45000 passengers everyday. The westjet airlines customer care team is available 24/7, throughout whole year to assist you the best.

Westjet Airlines Customer Care

A we all know that customer care I.e. customer experience is the backbone of any business. We as the major airlines flight carrier try to resolve every customer issues as fast as we can. That is why we are one of the major airlines carrier around the world. There are various reasons passenger call us regarding their issues.

  • If you are facing any issues while checking in at the airport, you can call us anytime. Our customer care team is well experienced to resolve any queries. Just call us at – +1 (786) 292-5053.
  • Unavoidable circumstances can come anytime in anyone’s life. Westjet airlines have one of the most hassle free flight cancellation policy. If you want to talk to us, just call our Westjet airlines customer care team at- +1 (786) 292-5053.
  • Having issues regarding the refund of the canceled airlines then you can call us at our phone numbers. Generally the refund of the flight airline gets initiated instantly . The refund generally gets reflected in your bank account in 7 – 10 business days.
  • The baggage policy of the westjet airlines is hassle free. People are confused about the the size of the baggage, how many baggage are allowed, extra baggage fees etc. So if you are confused about it, the call us at – +1 (786) 292-5053.
  • We all love animals, and we understand this. That is why we have came up with the pet policy that is easy and straightforward. If you are one of those passengers who are confused about the pet policy, then you can call our westjet airlines customer care.
  • The westjet airlines provide the travel bank credits for those passengers who are traveling with them.  You can use these credits for future travel with us. Not only for traveling. You can also pay the fees and other charges with these credits. Still there are many passengers who are confused about the travel credits. If you are also one of them then you can call our westjet airlines customer care at- +1 (786) 292-5053.
  • Plans can change due to some unavoidable circumstances. We understands this concern and thus have a westjet airlines date change policy which is straightforward. Not only the date change, you can also change the name on the airlines tickets, the time of the flight .  Having any questions about the date change / flight change or name change, you can talk to our customer care specialist.

So these were the reasons why you can call us at our westjet airlines customer care , and we will provide the best possible resolution to our customers as fast as we can. If you have any other queries then you can definitely call us at our phone number. The phone number of the Westjet Airlines Customer Care is – +1 (786) 292-5053.

We are available 24/7 throughout whole year to assist you the best and to provide you the best resolution. We are just 1 call away from you. To know more click HERE.

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